It is that time of year again when we start doing Senior Photos. I have been so blessed to work with some many Seniors from the surrounding areas. If you are interested in having Senior Photos done please contact me.

Christmas Baby

No better gift then a baby at Christmas.  I might be a little biased because my baby (who is now 10) was a baby born near Christmas.   I had the pleasure of photographing little angel right before Christmas.  She decided she did not want to wait for her due date so she showed up a little early.  She is just so cute.  It gave me an excuse to knit up some cute little hats on a snowy afternoon.  Jessica and Clint have been customers of mine for awhile.  I did there wedding too!

Congrats on your special little Christmas gift and thank you so much for letting me capture some special moments for you. 

Could I Be Any Prouder

I was asking by my stepsons to take a photo of them all together today.  It is a present for their mom but I am telling you it was a present to me too.

1. I felt honored they asked me.

2. I got to see them all together with Josh’s wife and her cute little pregnant belly, and my three grandkids along with Asley.

3. I got to get a photo of all three of my awesome kids together. Ashley picked her outfit because she thought she looked like a “sailor.”

I am so blessed to have three outstanding stepsons from my first marriage that still love me and my family enough to make time to see us.  Just look at these photos and see how proud I am.

Love to all of my children!


Frogs and baseball, That’s What Little Boys Love

Good thing we started early with our frog hunting and baseball game. It was HOT!  Easton turned three on Friday and I got the privalige of taking his birthday photos for the third year in a row.  This little guy was so much fun. We hunted frogs by the little waterfall and actually saw one, and then off to the field for a fun game of baseball.  He hit the baseball right into my stomach then laughed really hard.  He his going to give his Uncle Spencer a run for his money in the sport of baseball.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Double the Fun

I had the pleasure of photographing two of the cutest little one year olds.  They just turned one and are walking.  That’s right twin one year old boys.  It took them a little bit to warm up to me but then they were smiling and were off and running.  They gave this old photographer a great morning workout.  Loose Park was a fun adventure land for all of us. 

Here are few of my favorites!!  Don’t they just have the most kissable little cheeks?